Joseph Cook
For President

My Name Is Joseph Cook And I Am Running As A "Write In" Candidate For President Of The United States. "I Want Your Vote, Not Your Money"

I believe in the strongest Military in the World.  I do not advocate going to war, but at the same time we should not back down to the aggression taking place around the World as it will eventually effect the United States.  The Heritage Foundation has laid out the best reasons for a strong military.  I concur.  I would also work with Congress to create a better retirement system for our Military.  Americans should understand our Military does not just work an 8 hour day / 40 hour week in the service to this country.  They deserve more.  The Federal Government should spend more for all Military.  I would repeal a very damaging Field Manual created under obama’s administration.  Is is a manual directing our military to imprison American Citizens without due process.  Click Here To Learn More.

Concerning our Veterans.  My brother, a Vietnam Veteran died in 2013 while the VA in Houston Texas refused to get him into treatment. I have very strong feelings regarding this subject.  I would direct the Veterans Affairs to immediately eliminate the “Choice” program, which created two more bureaucracies, one inside the VA and one outside the VA.  It is a costly program and very inefficient. The program I would insist on would be less costly, more efficient and not create any more bureaucracies.

Veterans (once inside the VA database) would call or go online to get an appointment.  If that appointment is going to be two weeks or longer the system would issue the veteran a voucher which they can take to any hospital or doctor and get help. The United States taxpayer will pay for this and at full cost.  No reductions to hospitals or doctors, giving them no excuse to not treat the Veteran.  

Our cost to implement this is a good programmer.