Joseph Cook
For President

My Name Is Joseph Cook And I Am Running As A "Write In" Candidate For President Of The United States. "I Want Your Vote, Not Your Money"

As Commander in Chief I take an oath to protect the Citizens of the United States.

I will notify all Nations, if they support or harbor islamic extremist that announce they are going to harm the United States or it’s Allies we will close with and destroy those animals where ever they are.  We will not announce our intentions to the world or the United Nations nor will we seek their permission to do so.

Islamic extremist are not to be provided protection of the Geneva Convention and as Commander In Chief I will direct our Military to take all measures necessary to rid the world of these rabid dogs.  They deserve no mercy as they give none.

This article states that the Geneva Conventions apply to all cases of international conflict, where at least one of the warring nations have ratified the Conventions. Primarily:

As Commander in Chief I would call a meeting with the top ten Muslim leaders in the United States and remind them of their responsibilities as leaders.  I will let them know if their mosque are supporting in any way the islamic radicals, we will prosecute them and put them away.  

Any United States Citizen supporting radical islam will be tried under the laws of the United States and if proven guilty will be strip of their citizenship.  Once they have served prison time, they will be shipped to a radical islamic territory.  

The key word in the Geneva Conventions is nation. Radical islam is not a nation.