Joseph Cook
For President

My Name Is Joseph Cook And I Am Running As A "Write In" Candidate For President Of The United States. "I Want Your Vote, Not Your Money"


December 30, 2016

Dear President Trump,

My name is Joe Cook and I respectfully offer a solution to the problem of illegal immigration.  This suggestion would have the following benefits:

Illegal immigration has been a problem for the United States for decades and can be stopped without a complete overhaul of our immigration system and the mass deportation of millions of Illegal immigrates.  The solution is simple and will only take six months to fully implement once passed by Congress and signed into law by the President or may be accomplished with an Executive Directive. Let the experts decide that.


Add to Title18 U.S. Code § 1962 - Prohibited activities of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law with the following activities:

1. Employers that hire persons not legally in the United States.

2. Property owners that rent to persons not legally in the United States

Instruct the INS to create a special identification card (SIC) for persons proving they have been in the United States for five (5) years or longer. The 5 year timeframe starts once the change to Title 18 has been signed into law or changed with Executive Order. The SIC card must have passport strength security.   Persons receiving the SIC must apply for citizenship immediately.  The application for citizenship validates their SIC and they will be allowed to remain and work in the United States.  They will not be placed ahead of any person waiting to come into the United States legally. In other words they go to the end of the line and wait the same time limit of their countryman coming here legally.  This law will also apply for people with expired Visas.

Strict guidelines must be set up to validate the period of time someone has been in the United States and heavy fines and imprisonment must be applied if anyone is convicted of committing fraud in the validation process.  Especially groups set up to help Illegal immigrates.

Employers will NOT collect Social Security from
SIC employees until they have their United States Permanent Resident Card, but will collect an amount equal to Social Security and send to a special fund that should NOT be under the controlled of the Federal Government.  This is a must.  The money should be under the control of a private citizens group formed by Congress.  The money collected must be spent building a WALL on our borders.  Every penny collected must be used to fund the WALL.  After the WALL has been completed, the rest of the funds can go to infrastructure.

Order all Border Patrol agents to our North and South borders and close all checkpoints that are NOT on our border.  Our citizens should not be restricted from traveling in the United States.

After the six month period has passed (from the time the law has been passed) a “whistle blower” program will be put into effect.  If anyone or company is convicted of  Title 18 U.S. Code § 1962 the “whistle blower” will be rewarded $10,000 for their part.  The reward will be paid out of the assets of the convicted party.  This action will take care of Sanctuary Cities.  This will put employers and property owners on notice that everyone is watching.  

Once this policy has been in place order the Joint Chief of Staffs to implement a program to supplement the Border Patrol as I expect the only people coming over the border from this point forward will be drug smugglers and terrorist.  The United States Marine Corps from Camp Pendleton could use the live “target practice”.  Inform the Mexican Government if they do not stop the Drug Cartels we will.  Drugs are killing more people than islamic terrorist.  

Others will not come as they will have no place to live or work.  If anyone doubts this will work check with the citizens of Tulsa Ok, 2007.

This means President Trump, that Mexico and other countries will be paying for the fence.  Once in place the law MUST be enforced with a heavy hand.

Most Respectfully,

Joseph (Joe) Cook
(760) 815-6608 (Cell)