Joseph Cook
For President

My Name Is Joseph Cook And I Am Running As A "Write In" Candidate For President Of The United States. "I Want Your Vote, Not Your Money"

My name is Joseph (Joe) Cook and I am running as a “write in” Candidate for the President of the United States in 2016 2020.  I currently support President Trump and pray he will do what he has told the American people he would do.  

I was born May 12, 1945 in Beaumont, Texas.  I graduated from High School, joined the United States Marines in 1965. I probably have about two years of college credits and do not hold it against anyone with a college degree. I served 15 years in the Marines was in Vietnam three different times and left the Marine Corps in 1980.  During my time as a Marine I worked in  the Pentagon with Defense Intelligence Agency.  I served an additional 16 years with the Federal Government as a Systems Analyst and retired in 2001.  I still work.

I grew up on a farm/ranch, traveled all over Texas as my Father was in the oil fields.  I have been a restaurant owner, security guard, machinist, bus driver, property manager, insurance agent and have had many other experiences.  Too many to list here.  I am currently in the Financial Services industry.

I have had many folks ask me what makes me qualified to be the President of the United States.  I let them know the Constitution does.  I will listen to the Joint Chief of Staffs for protecting the United States, then make the decision on what is the best action to take.  I will not draw a line in the sand, but take decisive action when necessary.  I believe the United Nations serves a purpose, but they can do it from another country. The United Nations does not act in OUR best interest.

I will bring the smartest minds together to see how we can change the economic woes of America but do it without the IRS.  The FairTax bill in Congress brings jobs back to America by allowing companies to operate on our soil tax free rather than paying the current corporate income tax of 35 percent. Under the FairTax, various economists have predicted higher economic growth ranging from 7 to 14 percent over the current system, more jobs, and higher wages. Such growth will create jobs for American citizens and legal immigrants.

Passing the original 16th Amendment and the income tax law wasn’t easy and repealing the income tax and the 16th Amendment won’t be easy either. That is why the FairTax Organization has undertaken to building a grassroots movement and grassroots alliances to support the effort. When the FairTax generates unprecedented economic growth in the first few months of its effective date, citizens nationwide will make it clear to Washington that they want to make the change permanent. But this will only happen when the American people rally behind the effort, throw off the yoke, and demand rectification of 90 years of wrongs done by the income tax.

The immigration problem can be fixed in as little as six months, will be fair and will not be given amnesty to anyone, and not deport millions of illegal aliens out of the country.  I will work with Congress and or issue Executive orders to make this happen.

There are many issues and problems the United States has.  I have watched a do nothing Congress operate now for a couple of decades and this needs to change.

I will support repealing the 17th amendment or have term limits for all members of Congress.  I will strongly support term limits for the Supreme Court.

I am a Constitutionalist Conservative Christian.  My name is Joseph Cook and I am running as a “write in” candidate for the President of the United States.

(This site was originally put up in late 2015 / early 2016.  It was high jacked and recovered Nov 2016.  I have received death threats for what I say about radical Islam.  I welcome meeting with anyone to talk about my beliefs.)